Uppsala – Trondheim – Uppsala will take you from the fields of Uppland, via rivers and lakes in Dalarna, through forests and over mountains to the Nidaros cathedral in Trondheim, a destination for many pilgrim routes. And then back again, with highest point 920 m.a.s.l. in Stugudalen, Norway.

Here is an approximate route for Uppsala – Trondheim – Uppsala 2022. Please notice that the route is preliminary and may change. Details, such as map, GPS track and tracking, will be available in the spring of 2022.



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Stage 1 Uppsala - Älvdalen

On the first day, the route follows small, paved roads through Uppland and Dalarna. The terrain is mostly flat except for a few hills after leaving Garpenberg. We ride along Dalälven and the banks of Siljan, passing red cottages and gentle hills.

The unpopulated backcountry and mountains begin, gently at first, upon leaving Mora. The first manned control with lodging is at Älvdalen (330 km), but those who wish can decide to sleep at Särna (410 km).

Stage 2 Älvdalen - Røros

The next leg passes Idre, enters Norway and passes lake Femunden. If you ride at a normal pace, you will be in the UNESCO heritage town of Røros (620 km), with accomodation available.


Stage 3 Røros - Trondheim - Tydal

From Røros we have a well-deserved downhill along rivers Glomma, Rugla and Gaula on relatively quiet roads. At Støren Norway's main arteries Dovrebanan and E6 converge. There are bike paths and smaller roads for cyclists all the way to the fjord in Trondheim. The route turns back at Trondheim (770 km) at St. Olov's church the Nidaros Cathedral, a destination for many a pilgrim.

The way back from Trondheim gives us a beautiful view of the fjord on our way to Hell. From there, the long ascent up the mountains begins. In Tydal (900 km) there is a manned control. Cyclists keeping a normal pace should be there in the evening of the third day.

Stage 4 Tydal - Älvdalen

After Tydal we come to the route's highest point, up on the mountain, 920 meters above sea level. From there we have a slight downhill, but we stay in the mountains through Tänndalen and the whole way to Högvålen, the highest located village in Sweden. After a well-deserved downhill we reach manned controls with night lodgings in both Särna (1110 km) and Älvdalen (12000 km).

Stage 5 Älvdalen - Uppsala

The last stage takes us 330 km back through Dalarna, on a new route for 2022. We hope to have a manned control in Leksand, suitable for fast riders on day 4, as well as those who need to gather some strength om day 5. Then, after 1500 km, we are back in Uppsala....

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DISCLAIMER - this is not my organisation or ride, but I am happy to be promoting it!

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