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The Tervuren 120

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Leaving Turvuren, the first climb is after 10k, the Syemsberg, then passing Grez Doiceau, picking up the Velo5 at Corroy-Le-Grand. At Perwez, turn east, onto the W2, ging through Jodoigne, Hoegaarden arriving at Tiennen after 80k. It's then the weird but wonderfully named F24alt path, back to Vertrijk and Neervelp, before catching the VL Heuvel thorugh Bierbeek, skirting around Oud Heverlee, over the ridge into Leefdaal and back to Tervuren. A testing ride. 

Passing Through

Tervuren - Huldenburg - Grez Doiceau - Walhain - Perwez - Jodoigne - Tienen - Blanden - Leefdaal - Tervuren


640m. 9.3% max

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