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Huy Shall Climb

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This ride will run as an official BRM on 18 March 2023.


This route rolls well, on cycle paths and through forests. Make sure you go to the 2nd control at Stree Lez Huy - no cheating by not climbing Huy!

Passing Through

Tervuren - Hoegaarden - Jodoigne - Hannut/Braives (C) - Wanze - Huy - Stree Lez Huy (C) - Andenne - Eghezee (C) - Grez Doiceau - Tervuren

Suggested Stops

Hannut - centre. Many options 66k / Braives Café Guinguette de la Gare 74.5k

Stree Lez Huy - Il Cortina cafe 96k or TOTAL garage/shop/pizza at 101k

Eghezee - Sports cafe 151k


1600m. Max 19%

GPS Download Link

Huy shall climb

200k. 1600m climbing

Huy Lite - Climb Huy then descend

190k. 1600m climbing

Huy Ultra Lite - Huy climb excluded

185k. 1300m climbing

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