Mellow Maastricht
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This will run as an event on 17/07/2021. To participate, see Entry 7euro.

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This ride is an extension of the 200k, "Apples and Pears" ride, passing through Maastricht, the lovely Dutch countryside, touching the German border.

Passing Through

Tervuren - Blanden - Kerkom - Rummen - Maastricht - Gulpen - Vaals - Eijsden - Tongeren - Aalst - Velm - Outgaarden - Meldert - Huldenberg - Tervuren

Suggested Stops

Rummen - Jo's Cafe. 62k. (Sport Centre)

Maastricht - Huge Selection. 115k

Vaals - Vaalserberg. 148k

Tongeren - Grote Markt. 203k

Velm - Café De Smis. 232k


2100m. Max. 10.5%


There is a short ferry crossing at Eijsden. 177k.

GPS Download Link

Mellow Maastricht Lite

231kms. 1000m climbing. Max 11.7%

Arrive in Masastricht then turn south, following the water to pick up the route once again